Bob the cat's get well fund


Hey guys. I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I am a huge animal lover and can’t bear to see this happen to a friend. My friends cat is very ill and right now she is at the vet with him and they won’t even see him without her paying some money and her only other options is to euthanize him as is it a Sunday and she has no where else to take him. If you can give anything to help her out I know that she would appreciate it. If you all could please spread this asap I would appreciate it a lot. Her little one is only 3 and I’m sure once he has this treatment can live a long happy life. She is a great animal lover and I know she wants to keep him around as long as possible. If you are able to help her out at all, please do so. You have my thanks in advance.

Karkat Vantas: genetics lottery winner six sweeps running.

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Swoosh lines all over the place!

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pearlgirl710 said: i would just like to say that the “pearl” dress has been in my to-do list for actual ages


Man, we’ve been planning these cosplays for almost a year now; it’s kind of sad. XP


I love these babies, but some of them I just don’t wear anymore and they need a good home :)

Please e-mail if interested.

Payment: Paypal only. First pay, first serve - I have zippo patience for people who commit to buy and then drag their feet for weeks on paying >:] Shipping cost depends on your area.

Sizes: All costumes were made to fit me (34-28-36)


Angry Elf Christmas Karkat (Homestuck) - $60

Meulin cat sweater (Homestuck) - $40 (+horns = $45)

France (Hetalia) - $40 (+wig = $50, + boots = $70)

England (Hetalia) - $40 (+wig = $50, + lace-up boots = $100)

Prussia (Hetalia) - $60 (+wig = $75)

Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) - $60 (+wig = $70)

Celty (DRRR) - $80

Stake (Umineko) - $80

Star Trek TOS uniform - $70

Sayaka Miki (Madoka) - $100

[NOT PICTURED] Silabus (.Hack//GU) - $40 (+wig = $50)

[NOT PICTURES] Kogami Akira (Lucky☆Star) - $60 (+wig =$75)

(and yes, signal boosts ARE appreciated!)

Go buy dis stuff

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despite having the worst pokemon they are all op

psiiduck rides again


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Killswitch ENGAGE page 3 - written and drawn by poinko, colors by pukind!

Darn it, I love this so much… I just… ffttt Sollux is perfect.  I also really like how this explains a certain horn. (I’m trying to be vague so I don’t spoil it….)

Here, we see Sollux being quite Red. He’s manipulative, gleeful that he can twist someone so easily to his bidding, and obviously, loves that he actually planned all of this. This was literally him making a code, with a living factor (Equius). He’s a Gemini, mother fuckers, and that means kind of a bastard, at times!

The other times, he’s pathetic, nerdy, and just wants quiet.

I want to abuse the crap out of my Signless “THIS” gif, but I’m too lazy to find it.  

So picture the Signless pointing to that statement but with Captors in the back flipping everyone the daily bird and giggling evilly to themselves.

I love it.  I think we forget sometimes that Sollux has that other side that can get down right nasty when he wants.

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> Karkat: Wallow in the disgusting miracle of life. 

I never could get to sleep, so I decided to finish this panel redraw (sorta?). Equius is the best part of this picture. 

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I want to work on him ;m;

didn’t get as much done on him this weekend as I wanted. What a difference in the eye and head shape it makes once the eyes are actually set. Check out that slightly changing expression depending on the angle~ tohoho.

(because this one’s mine I gave him freckles. HAA HA HAHA I love vantas boys with freckles. stupid crabs)

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Spoken like a true cryhole slave

I see your cryhole and raise you a psihole

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- Me, day 1: : Okay I've got two working days left till con. I'm sick of sewing, I'll just finish the whole costume tomorrow.
- Me, day 0: : *Sits on fucking tumblr until 10:30 at night*


- “Ophelia” // Voodica Photography -


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unpopular paradox space opinion


I’m really, really unfond of how the Psiioniic was portrayed in this Paradox Space update.

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I can handwave the bizarre over-enthusiasm and the “random” outbursts, but there’s one thing that bothers me about his characterization on page two way more than anything else.

"Silence, worms" is pretty much the most un-Captorlike thing anyone could possibly say, and no matter how much I see people reblog that people who dislike the Psiioniic’s portrayal are "omg wrong" because "we aren’t thinking about it correctly," I’m yet to see anyone touch that.  Sure, it’s a cute idea that he’s overly enthusiastic as a result of years of conscription, but to me the Captors have always been some of the most altruistic trolls out of the bunch.  I have an extremely hard time believing that any of them, be it Psiioniic or Mituna (or any of Signless’s followers!), would talk down to a group of lowblood strangers, highblood-style. 

That aside though, I loooveeeddd page 1 and Signless, and am still really happy an ancestors PS comic exists!

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no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone 

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inspired by (x)

It says a lot about the alignments in game of thrones when petyr baelish is fucking neutral.

One of the best alignment grids I’ve seen. 

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